What if someone told you they will pay you to do something that you really hate – for as long as you will live. Would you do it? Few people would. Yet, for most people – this is their job. They hate it! A significant part of becoming wealthy is to love what you do, and to do what you love. Since most people become wealthy by first getting a job, it would be time well spent to find your perfect job – wouldn’t it? You spend eight hours a day there. Five days a week. Fifty weeks in a year! It makes sense to enjoy it – right?

Love my perfect jobBefore we begin, let’s handle some common questions and statements I hear from people all the time. Some ask: “But what if I already have a job?” That’s great! It means you already have an income – but do you love, and I mean really love your job? I currently work only 2 days a week, doing only what I want to, with whom I want to do it with. I go to sleep when I choose and I wake up when I want to. I make enough money to enjoy my life. I barely have a title. In fact, I am challenged to define it.

Yet – I love my job. It is the perfect “job”! Wouldn’t you like the same?

Finding the perfect jobOthers would say: “I hate my job.” Okay good. You will learn 30 tips to find your perfect job. Still others would say: “I don’t know what I really want to do.” Okay, let’s find out. Several have said: “I already like what I do, but don’t earn enough” and finally some say “I love what I do, but I don’t like the people.” Whether you are looking for a job, have a job and hate it, or know that you want a different job and don’t know where to start, I am convinced that these 30 tips to find your perfect job will help you – regardless of where you are in your life. I believe that most people would like the perfect job, but they haven’t figured it out yet, or if they have already discovered they would like to get the perfect job, they don’t know how to achieve it. This article will show you how, and why. To assist you even further, I have added 30 secrets to these 30 tips which all relates back to the Wealth Matrix. So let’s begin:

  1. Start the process. You can only make progress if you take action. You can use any one of these 30 tips to find your perfect job. Just start with one idea. But do start today. Secret: Opportunity only comes to those who seek it – those who take action.
  2. It takes time. This is not really a tip. It’s a note. It’s a lesson. Learn it. Understand it. Use it. You don’t plant an apple tree today and pick apples tomorrow. It takes time to find your perfect job. Some people go through their entire life without finding the perfect job. But then again, they weren’t really looking either. Accept that this process will take you some time. It could be a few months or even a few years, but it is possible. Secret: Every good, noble and worthwhile achievement takes time to materialize.
  3. Speak to people. The more the better. Learn what they do and how they do it. Ask them if they love what they do, and why. You will learn about other jobs that you have not even though about. It may be the one you were looking for, but just didn’t know about. Secret: Proper (outgoing) communication and connecting with the right people accelerates your ability to become wealthy.
  4. Search for additional tips on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. There are many, many websites, blogs and sites on the Internet which can answer almost any question you may have. Do yourself this favour: Think of anything related to what you are remotely interested in, search for it on Google and be amazed. It is almost not possible to think of something that someone else has not already thought about and have documented online. Secret: Searching on the internet is a fine example of selecting what communication you will allow into your mind. What you focus on expands. Thus, choose what you will focus on.
  5. Read anything and everything. The more you read, the more you discover. Open a random magazine and within minutes you will have discovered 5 to 10 other job possibilities. Go on the web. I use StumbleUpon to discover random new things every day. All you need is that one good idea that gets you excited. It could change your life. Secret: Reading is (incoming) communication. Choose what you allow to come in.
  6. Improve your skill. You may actually enjoy what you are currently doing, but find some tasks challenging. Find out how to improve that. Ask for help. Read up or sit with the problem until you have figured out a better way to do what you are already doing. Secret: When you add value to yourself, you become more valuable. More valuable means more money.
  7. Get a hobby. A hobby is something that you really enjoy to do – usually in your spare time. The beauty of a hobby is that if you do something really well, and other like it too, it can turn into a business. I know of someone who enjoyed making fudge, today she has a fantastic business called Funky Fudge in the Western Cape (South Africa). A family member of mine loves interesting, authentic and beautiful clothes. A few years ago she started Calyx Boutique in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and today, in addition to having the perfect job, she gets to travel and visit exciting fashion events to source clothes for her boutique. Another friend of mine enjoys helping people and has started Freedom Coaching International in Florida in the USA. All of these businesses started out as a hobby – something they love to do, and has now turned into the perfect job. Secret: When you do what you love as a job, it doesn’t feel like work.
  8. Build your business on the side-line. Whether it is your hobby or your business, start building and improving it while you are working. That way you have a sustainable and reliable income to support you while you are improving your product, idea or process. Once this side-line business starts to generate more income than your job, you can consider going over full time. Secret: Turnover is vanity. Profit is Sanity. But cash-flow is king!
  9. Don’t quit your job. Many people fail in their dream because they quit their job to “follow their dream.” They only discover the challenges of a business when they actually start doing their business. Don’t be fooled. If it was easy to run a business everyone would have done it. Be sure to learn as much about a business before you start your business. Keep your job until you have seen your hobby, business or idea can function sustainably on its own. Your job provides you with the required cash-flow to sustain yourself while you are learning. Secret: Turnover is vanity. Profit is Sanity. But cash-flow is king!
  10. Save enough money. To start your dream will almost certainly take some initial cash. Ideally you will have at least 3-6 months’ worth of financial buffer (cash or savings) in your bank account. This way you can pay the bills while you are working very hard to make your dream a reality. If you find that you are surprised to see how hard it is at month 3, you will have another 3 months to make a plan B. In most cases, plan B is find another job. Caution: Do not ever stop to pursue your dream because you don’t have enough cash saved already. Someone somewhere has money and if your idea is good enough, you can make a deal: Some cash in exchange for some profit. Secrets: Your savings is your safety. Also, it doesn’t take money to make money – it takes a well-executed idea, but you always need a cash buffer just in case.
  11. Become aware of how much energy you have. The first tell-tale sign of you being unhappy in your current job is the amount of energy you have. Do you feel energised to go to work, or do you dread having to get up and go to work. At the end of the day, do you feel like you have done something amazing and want to keep on working, or, do you watch the clock and get out as soon as you possibly can. Become aware of how much energy you have. It is your build in navigation system telling you whether you are heading in the right direction or meandering off course. Secret: The more in touch you are with the way that you feel, the easier it is to see when you need to make adjustments in your life. Your body gives you constant feedback.
  12. Meet with people who are not in your circle. The same beers, the same guys, the same place, the same times produce the same results. Invite new people to join your group and learn about and from them. They may just have the idea that you didn’t know you needed. Secret: The people you have in your life affect the quality of your life.
  13. Attend seminars and events. If you don’t know who to invite into your group, then attending seminars is one of the best places to meet people who are like minded and searching for new information. I have met some of my best colleagues and friends at seminars where we were looking to improve our lives. Most events are free, but seminars cost some money. In my experience the seminars have paid back their value in the fantastic people I have met, never mind the incredible new information I have received. Secret: You find amazing, like-minded people at places of learning.
  14. Join our Facebook page or follow my tweets on Twitter. New ideas come through regularly, and you will have access to those new ideas. All it takes is one good idea which can change your life. Secret: Choose your incoming communication to be inspiring, helpful and informative.
  15. Go away and think about it. Sometimes we are surrounded by so much noise. People talk, the TV is blaring and the radio is playing your favourite song. There is very little space to think. Go out. Just a little walk into the quiet of nature will give your mind the breather to stop processing and start working. Secret: Take time to think. Make time to think. It will change your life!
  16. Define your perfect job. It is hard to find your perfect job if you have no idea what it is. Spend some time. Write it down. What do you love to do? Where would you love to work? Who would you ideally be surrounded with? What industry really moves your soul? If you had $10,000,000 in your bank account today, (and you wouldn’t have to worry about making money) what would you be doing? Write the answers down. If you can define it, you can refine it. Secrets: What you focus on expands. What you think about comes about. What you write down becomes possible, and true.
  17. Work for free. Say what? How can working for free be my perfect job? I found my first perfect job at a place who couldn’t afford to hire me. I worked for free for 3 months before they hired me – for a very small salary. My sister did the same thing and it launched her entire career. If you find the perfect job and they are not willing to pay you – offer to work for free. See the next tip on how to make them pay you. Secret: Giving is a secret pre-requisition for receiving.
  18. Add value to others. At my first job where I worked for free, I took over some administrative tasks. I also volunteered to see clients when the sales people were too busy to meet the clients. I had to walk to the meetings, which fortunately was only a few blocks away. I started to do the paperwork for the sales people, so they could do more sales. All of this saved them time, and allowed them to make more money. Because I added value to all these people in the company, they became more productive, and the company became more profitable. Soon, I became almost indispensable. They finally hired me – for a small salary. I continued to increase the amount of value I added, which made me more valuable, and over the course of my time there increased my salary and earnings by more than 700%. Secret: If you want a better life – add value to others. See also related tip: Improving your skill.
  19. Use your after work time. During the day, you have to work. If you want a perfect job, you have to spend the time that you are not at work to improve yourself. You have to learn as much as you can about what you are doing, or, about what you would love to do. Secret: Everyone has exactly the same amount of time every day – 24 hours. The secret is to maximize the time that you spend learning to be a better, more productive and more valuable you.
  20. Buy magazines that you love. With the invention of the internet and the ever growing accessibility of the internet through the use of mobile phones and tablets, we tend to be overwhelmed by information. Sometimes what you need is some good ol’ paper and pictures. Do yourself a favour and buy one new magazine. An old one will even work. Heck, you can go to the library or to a friend’s house and read one for free. Magazines are jam packed with helpful articles, interesting ideas, people and places. Many have an advertising section in the back too where you can see who is looking for what. Buy a magazine. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many new ideas you will get. All you need is one. Secret: Magazines is a very good source of excellent incoming communication.
  21. Make new friends. Tough as this may sound, your current friends could be holding you back. They talk about average things. They gossip about other people. They seldom do something which adds value to themselves, others, or you. They could be holding you back. Find new people. Make new friends. Your next friend could be the one who inspires you, challenges you and is the one to help you identify your dream job. Secret: The six people you spend the most time with have the biggest influence on your life.
  22. Be positive. Two neutrons walk down the street and the one says to the other: “Hey, I think I just lost an electron.” “Are you sure?” asks the other one. “Yes, I’m positive.” Be like the neutron. Drop the negative electron and you automatically become positive. No one loves a negative person. No one wants to hire a negative person. If you want the perfect job then it is pivotal that you are an always positive person. Secrets: Like attracts like. Positive people attract more positive people. Positive people make progress. (Negative people get nowhere, and then blame other people for that.)
  23. Get to know yourself. If you don’t know who you really are, how would you know what you would love to do? Do you like technology? Do you prefer structure or do you prefer to work in an environment where you can be creative? Would you prefer to figure it out as you go? Do you like working with people, or do you prefer to work by yourself. Are you most productive in the morning, in the afternoon or late at night? The truth is: there are many more questions that you need to answer for yourself, before you can define your perfect job. Perhaps this is even another article by itself. Bottom line: Spend time to figure out who you really are, and not who you think you are – but who you really are. Only then will you be able to design and describe your perfect job down to the last detail. Secret: When you really know yourself, your choices become easier, and so does your life.
  24. List your strengths. One of the best ways to start to define your perfect job is to write down what you already know you are good at. Are you detail oriented? Are you creative? Are you good with communication? Do you write well? Are you able to structure and negotiate deals? Are you good with children, or do you prefer to work with adults? Again, there are many more questions. Start with what you know. Write down one thing. Soon, you will add another and yet another. List them numerically from 1 to 10, with one being your best quality and 10 being the lowest on your list of strengths. Look for jobs where you can utilize your top three strengths. Secret: Do what you are good at, and surround yourself with people who can help you with the things you are not so good at.
  25. Think about what makes you happy. Your perfect job will make you happy – very happy. It will almost not feel like work. I once read a quote that said it is in giving; not in receiving that the heart is truly blessed. Another quote is from Charles Baudelaire:”There is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by giving him more than he hopes for. “ Things that make you happy more often than not involve providing people with a service of some sort. Think about your life and list the times where you felt most fulfilled, and then list why. Part of that moment in time is a part of your formula for creating or finding your perfect job. Secret: The best you can give someone is a happy you.
  26. Work on your dream every day. Dreams don’t become true because you dream. Dreams come true because you dream and then do something about it to make it real, true and possible. Initially, you can spend your time just thinking about your dream or dream job. The more you think about it, the more you will be able to think about it. You will get new questions and new answers as often as you dedicate time to think about it. Once you have a good idea. Start to write it down. The more you write the more you will see. The more you will see the more you will believe, and the more that you believe the more you will do. Do this every day and you will soon be able to see/touch/feel/experience your dream. Secret: Dreams are ideas. Action makes them possible.
  27. Ask more questions. Most people want the answers. Answers are plain and simple, and usually stop a conversation. What you must learn to do is ask more questions: How does this work? How did you achieve that? Who can help me with this? What is the best way to…? What other methods have I not thought about? Is this really impossible? Who else may know more about this? You see, questions bring knowledge, and knowledge brings experience. The more you get to experience, the better you will become. You will also become clearer about what you would like to do, and better yet: What you would love to do. Are you ready to ask more questions? Secret: Questions, not answers, helps you to create a better life.
  28. Be interested. There is a big difference between being interesting and interested. When you are interested you ask more questions. (See the Ask more questions above) When you are interested people will want to be around you. When you are interested you show that you care. When you are interested you create the possibility to learn more. Be interested in the well-being of people. Be interested in your friends. Be interested in your job. Be interested in your life, in your community, in your country, in the world. Be interested in fascinating ideas. The more you become interested, the more success will walk right up to you and shake your hand. Secret: Be interested.
  29. Improve something. If you take any product out there and make it either better, faster or cheaper, chances are someone will be interested. You can also improve your life. Make better friends. Keep your commitments. Improve your punctuality. Learn to communicate better. Anytime you improve something, you will have a better idea what you would love to improve on permanently. That thing is another clue to finding your perfect job! Secret: Improve one thing in your life every day.
  30. Create the perfect job. Finally, you may find that after doing all of the things above, spending days, weeks or even years on this, you still have not found your perfect job. You have another option: Create the perfect job! In most of the companies where I have worked, the things that I was really good at, were not defined in a position such as a “sales person” or an “administrator.” I spent time inside the company and looked at what they were really not good at. I also found out why. Then, I listed my strengths and if what I was really good at would assist the company at what they were really not good at. I also then listed how much the company would save, or, how much more they would bring in if I was to help them with this. I then went to the CEO or highest member of the staff I could access and presented them with the idea. In four out of five companies I was able to create my own position, which made me happy, productive and profitable. If you are unable to create the position within the company where you currently work, then it may be time to start thinking how you can create your perfect job by creating your very own company! Secret: You are in charge of your destiny!

Perfect jobRemember, that finding your job is not instant – it takes time. If you choose to start working on it now you will be a lot further along than the people who only discover this later in life. Every day you work at it makes it more possible. From the 30 items above, just pick one that really makes you think, and work on that one. Naturally you can do more than one or even all of them, but at least start with one. Before you know it, you will have found your perfect job!

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