50 Skills that attract Success

Whether you are employed, self-employed or unemployed, you can never have too many skills. Skills make you more capable, and more capable means more productive. More productive also means more valuable. More valuable means more money. Remember that you don’t get paid because you have a job – you get paid because you add value to the company who has employed you. If you are employed and increase your skills, then you stand the good chance of being better compensated. Better compensation means more income which you can apply towards creating your wealth. If you are unemployed and are looking for a job, there are three things which you must do:

  1. Read: 30 Tips to find your perfect job
  2. Increase your skills so you are more employable – do the things in this article.
  3. Remember that skills attract success.

Over the years I have worked with many people, in many places and in many industries. I have sold vacuum cleaners and learned sales skills. I have driven 18-wheeler trucks and learned advanced driving skills. I have captured wild game and exported them internationally, and learned the importance of different cultures. I have taught computer classes to a variety of audiences and learned teaching skills. I have worked with millionaires and learned their behavioral skills. I have done public speaking and learned speaking and conference skills. I have managed teams and learned people and negotiation skills. I have done consulting and learned to listen more, take better notes and to make things simpler, better, cheaper or faster. And I am only listing a few of the things I have done. I have read many books, attended seminars and listened to audio CD’s and video courses. Across the board I found that if you can increase your skills, people will start to notice and approach you for help.

A skill is the ability to master a task, a product or a process.

So, if you want to create a better life for yourself, then you have to improve your skills. Although there are many more which you can learn, below you will find the 50 skills that attract success. Pick a few and then master them. Then pick a few more, and master them. I recommend that you spend the rest of your life to increase your skills in any area of your choosing.

People skills: 

  • Delegation: You cannot do it all.
  • Inspiration: People perform better when inspired.
  • Negotiation: Whether you are selling or buying, you can always get a better deal.
  • Conflict management: People disagree. You need to understand how to diffuse situations.
  • Respect: This is a fundamental value. Without respect, any perceived success will be short.

Communication skills:

  • Speaking: Learn how to use your mouth with eloquence – it makes a big difference.
  • Listening: The more you listen, the more you learn.
  • Writing: Written words are concentrated thoughts.
  • Reading: Save time. Read. Books are the summary of other peoples life lessons.
  • Presentation: If you want to go big, you will have to present yourself or your idea.

Management skills:

  • Working with a variety of different people. Because no 2 people are the same.
  • Ability to inspire. A great leader drives everyone towards success through good example.
  • Ability to lead without micro-managing. Tell them what you want, but not how to do it.
  • Teaching: When you teach, you learn more.
  • Outsourcing: Some tasks are just better performed by other organisations. Use them.
  • Time management: Everyone has 24 hours a day. Utilise yours even better.
  • Helping people to develop themselves.

Financial skills:

  • Knowing how to create a budget. You have to know where the money goes.
  • Understanding and interpreting financial statements. Especially if you have a business.
  • Managing cash flow. Money coming in is not all yours. This skill is especially important.
  • Understanding, managing and mitigating risks. Foresee the problems, plan to manage them.
  • Investment strategies vs. risk vs. reward. Don’t just jump into what looks good.
  • Get an accountant. Someone who is dedicated, committed and capable.
  • Get a tax manager. Only the experts can really help you here, and it is required.

Marketing skills:

  • Getting your message out. Get an expert – or become one.
  • Using Social Media (course) It is very low cost and can be very effective.
  • Making it sexy. Not just good looking, but visually and psychologically interesting.
  • Timing of your marketing. First, second and third exposures matter – and so does the timing.

Sales skills:

  • Ability to sell: Yourself, your product or idea won’t sell itself.
  • Know the tricks, and don’t use them. Know them so others can’t use them on you.
  • Creating automated systems. Emails, sms’s, e-stores. Less work, more pay.

Software skills:

  • Microsoft Excel – even if only to do your budget – a must have.
  • Microsoft Word – even if just to do your resume – another must have.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – at one point or another you would be required to use it.
  • Microsoft Outlook – if you plan on going corporate, how to organise and sort.
  • Prezi – An upcoming way to represent information in the big picture.
  • Blogging – To be the end point for your product and your social media efforts.
  • Process flow design – How things get done from A to Z.
  • Programming – This is either your path, or you will need to get an expert.
  • Project management – All your efforts usually can do with some of this structure.
  • Creative: Photoshop – Just some basics to get your images top quality.
  • Video software – Camtasia Studio, Vegas or Final Cut Pro. Video keeps growing.

Legal skills:

  • Get a professional – They cost money, but will save you much hassle.
  • Understanding contracts – Whether renting, buying or protecting, know the basics.

Personal skills:

  • Creativity. Creativity adds texture to your job and to your life. Learn/do more of it.
  • Having fun. This is also a skill to learn, especially if you are very hard working.
  • Health and fitness. No health – no wealth. Simple as that.
  • Self-development. Make a commitment to learn more.
  • Planning. Know what is happening in your day, week, month and year, and long term.
  • Agreements. Do what you said you would do – no exceptions.


In summary:

  • With dedicated effort – most skills can be learned.
  • Pick any one skill and master it. Repeat indefinitely.
  • No matter what your skills are, you will always have to use them with people.
  • Wherever possible, get an expert, especially for accounting, legal and tax.
  • Learn the most about people, their behavior and their style.
  • Learn as much as you can about money.
  • Learn how to communicate clearly.

What you can do:

  • Read and learn as much as you can.
  • Join The Secrets to Wealth on Facebook – we learn new things each day.
  • Follow me on Twitter – you will see when I have posted something new.
  • Subscribe to this blog – you will be emailed new articles as they come out.
  • What do you think – are there other skills that should be on this list?

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