Eliminate PovertyIt is time to make a change. It is time to make a difference. South Africa is looking for ways to eliminate poverty, and this must help:

By learning how to use empowering words you can literally change your life forever.  But, let’s take it a step further.  Let us start the process of eliminating poverty by giving people tools which are free and that they can start using immediately.

The way to eliminate poverty is to ban all poverty related words from our vocabulary.  I have a particular bone to pick with the use of the phrase “previously disadvantaged” widely used in South Africa.

If you tyre loses air it goes flat.
   You don’t say: “My tyre was previously inflated.”

If you have eaten enough you are full or satisfied.
You don’t say: “I was previously hungry.”

Someone once said to me that because of our use of “previously disadvantaged,” we are actually becoming perpetually disadvantaged. In future posts I will shine light about how the mind works and how the way in which we communicate affects our lives – our country should make some changes.

If we want to start making progress in our lives and start making changes to the economy, we should use only empowering words and statements.  Try replacing “previously disadvantaged” with “currently advancing.”

Personally reconfigure your vocabulary so that everything you say creates opportunity, possibility and positive change.

Replace I couldn’t with I can.  Replace I wouldn’t with I will.  Replace previously with currently.  Replace the past with the present or the possibility of a new future.  We create change by speaking in the present tense, now, such as: “I am making a change.”  “I choose my future.”  “I decide my fate.”  “I create opportunity.”  “I attract great people.”  “I am learning how to work with money.”  “I value myself, others and my environment, my country and the opportunities I pursue.”  “I work hard.”  “I respect my fellow humans.”  Speaking positively trains your mind to think positively, believe in possibilities, value time, health, people and money.  It helps you choose positively and therefore act positively.  When everyone in this country starts to use Personal Economic Empowerment (PEE) we will, intentionally and by design create positive change.

In 2008 I shared this concept with more than 10,000 people in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  It was applauded by both black and white.  I have planted the seeds (in their minds) and they have committed to water, nurture and help grow this passion of true empowerment.  I now explicitly ask you, the reader, to help spread this belief to as many people as possible in order to expedite the growth of our country.

Please leave a comment below if this made you think. Your thought can inspire others.

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net