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Making Choices


Whether you want more money, better health, more fulfilling relationships or simply more time, you have to choose to have it. Life doesn’t simply hand you wealth any more than the man on the street receives a car just for standing in the road. It requires an action from you, and that action is your requirement to make a choice. A choice is the opportunity to select what you would like. Here is why it is easy:

A choice is just a thought in your mind; an electrical impulse sent between the millions of biological connections in your brain. It literally takes no effort. For a second, let’s ignore the infinite amount of options available for you to choose from, and start with a simple choice.

Would you like to become wealthy? The options are:

a) Yes
b) No

If you chose a, then just say out loud: “I choose to become wealthy.”

Congratulations – you have just made a choice. It doesn’t mean it’s true and it doesn’t mean it is either possible or impossible. It doesn’t state how long it will take or even if you will succeed. By speaking those exact words or simply focusing on that explicit thought – you have completed the process of making a simple choice.

Making choices is a key element for creating wealth. Making choices allows you to start the process of going into a new direction with your life. Making choices allows you to select new opportunities or change existing situations.

You can make choices about your current financial situation, the people you engage with, the time you spend on anything or anyone, as well as choices which will affect your health. In fact, the choices you make can be applied to any element in the wealth matrix.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting articles about specific choices you can make, some easy and some more challenging, about what choices you may have to make in order to accelerate your wealth creation. In the meantime, you can look at the additional reading below to get an idea of simple or more complex choices.

Please remember to leave a comment or a reply below. Your comment may just be what someone else requires to make different choices in their lives. Your next step will also be to move from making choices, to taking action.

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Everything in life is a choice. You become better by making better choices.


Don't want to make choices?


Everything in life is a choice. Not choosing is a choice too! (You choose not to make a choice)