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Creating Wealth

Most people think that creating wealth is all about money. Although money is a significant component of wealth, it is not the reason to become wealthy. This is simply because…

  • Money is not the reason you do something…
  • Rather, money is the result of how you have been doing things.

The result of your financial situation is based upon some key factors:

  1. How you think.
  2. How you behave.
  3. How you communicate.
  4. How well you understand yourself.
  5. How well you are able to relate to others.
  6. How well you are able to manage your time.
  7. How well you manage the money which you already have.

When you understand – and then improve these things – you will start to create wealth.

Even if you just improve one of those things, you will start the process to create wealth. This is simply because you are improving the simple things which actually matter.

It is important to note that – as with anything worth doing – this process to create wealth takes time. You don’t become fit overnight, and you don’t become fat overnight. It takes time. To create financial freedom, and then wealth, is simply a process of doing the right things in the right way – repeated over time.

It is NOT quick, but it is easy, and you have already started – just by coming here.

This site will explain the simple things that actually matter to create your own wealth.

I look forward to the day that you will contact me and say – “Christo – you have changed my life! Thank you!”

I genuinely look forward to your success!

Best Regards,
Christo van Zyl


Wealth is NOT money...


Time, Health, People AND Money. You need all 4 to become wealthy.


You don't become wealthy because you WANT money.


Because you DO specific things in a specific way. Wealth is a RESULT, NOT A REASON.

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