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Managing your Health


Your ability to become wealthy is inextricably linked to you living a healthy life.  Across the board all the individuals  studied for this information are healthy.  Their bodies are in shape, they are mentally agile, they are aware of a bigger spiritual force and they have more energy than most.

The more energy you have, the more clearly you can think.  When you think clearly you make good choices.  When you make good choices, you take consistent action.  When you take consistent action you become healthy.  What good is having a lot of money if you are sick? You have to be able to enjoy your money. You have to be able to enjoy spending what you have earned on yourself, your friends, family and investments.  You may want to travel or simply relax, read and enjoy great company around a warm fire.  But, you still have to be healthy to be wealthy!

Health is not only food and fat.  You may have heard terms like ‘Keep a healthy mind, body and spirit’, or ‘Mental, Physical and Spiritual Fitness’.  These are all important in your pursuit of wealth and we will cover them all.

Additional Reading about Health:

  • Physical Health – Maintaining a healthy body
  • Mental Health – Staying sane in an insane world (Coming Soon)
  • Spiritual Health – Credit to the Creator (Coming Soon)

Next Steps:

  • If you have any tips, tricks or links you would like to share that would help others with better health, please leave your comment below.
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Good health is a core component of wealth.


Without good health...


There can be no wealth!


There are 3 types of Health


Mental – your sanity. Physical – your body. Spiritual – your higher existence.