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The ultimate list of quotes about Wealth

Wealth has so many components and can be a seen as a complex subject. However, a quote can summarize a very complex concept in just a few words. This is a growing list of quotes about wealth which have been hand-selected to be positive, empowering and helpful.

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The 21 Principles of Profitable People

If you choose to become wealthy – inevitably – you will have to engage with people. Why – because you buy from people. You sell to people. You can work with or for people; and people can work for you, with you, or against you. No matter where you work – or what you do – your ability to make more money will always be linked to your ability to work better with people. People can help you make more money (or help you lose money fast) – but only if you know how to work with them. If you treat them poorly, inevitably, you will lose money. If you treat them well, inevitably, you will earn more money. This article is not how to make more money, but rather how to work better with people – so you can make more money.

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How your Mind Works – Biologically

Understanding how your mind works is one of the key secrets to wealth because your mind is - quite literally – in charge. It can either run you - or ruin you. Do you work it - or does it work you? More than likely – it is currently running you because it knows how to manipulate you… But if you know how your mind works, you can use this information to wilfully influence your behaviour in the way that you choose! In the last article, we showed you how your mind works logically. This article will focus on how your mind works biologically, or chemically.

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How your mind works – logically

The physical brain is the most complex and amazing organ in the human body. It does all kinds of amazing things for you, like regulating your breathing, maintaining your bodily functions, and generally - keeping you alive. Your mind, however, does things to you – like keeping you stuck! The reason for this is simple – you don’t know how it works. Just like with investing, relationships, money or business, if you don’t know how things work – it will likely get you into trouble. At the very least you will be learning things the hard way! If you have made the choice to become wealthy, you have to know more about how your mind works - logically, physically and biologically. Understanding how your mind works will allow you to use your mind to serve you, instead of you serving it. How your brain works. To start, let’s look at the difference between your brain and your mind:

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