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Tips for Better Communication

When it comes to better communication, I’m certain we can all take a lesson. We use communication at work, at home, with relationships, when we present to people as well as when we listen. It is not uncommon to spend 4 years at university and still not be an eloquent communicator. However, in the day to day use of communication – when we write, speak or listen, there certainly are some tips for better communication.

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The Magic of Morocco

My wife and I love to travel. In our most recent trip to Morocco we discovered an abundance of culture, incredible food, amazing people, plenty of shopping and a range of travel scenery to amaze travelers of all kinds. There is magic everywhere - not of the siem sala biem type, but rather embedded in the variety of cultural and culinary experiences... To some the though of travelling abroad can be daunting, but to us the whole experience is magical. From the planning to the anticipation of the travel we can barely contain our excitement...

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7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Many things can happen with your money: You can spend it; save it, invest it or speculate with it. You can gamble with it. You can lose it. You can also give it away, and/or make it grow… But is there any kind of order to this and what does it really take to achieve financial freedom? Are there really only 7 steps to financial freedom?

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