About Me


  • Shape strategy.
  • Expand globally.
  • Maximize sustainability.
  • Improve overall efficiency.
  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Develop and maintain relationships.
  • Create order, structure and predictability.
  • Build productive, self-running, inspired teams.
  • Upgrade the world to a better financial system.
  • Increase the overall footprint of the organization.
  • Reduce clutter and increase clarity for the entire organization.
  • Attain the General Manager – Africa position at Luno South Africa.

Engage. Connect. Listen. Care. Respond. Simplify. Streamline procedures. Devise processes and cut outdated methods. Utilize technology and research bleeding edge solutions. Build multi-cultured teams and foster inspired individuals. Align strategy with the vision of the organisation. Include and empower teams. Create measurable yet attainable objectives. Create and deliver structured systems that turn massive data into timely, valuable, visually insightful information. Take care of employees. Provide massive value to customers.

  • 1 year of Office of the Group CIO for a global company in 17 countries
  • 2 years of Office of the CIO for a South African company in 65 locations
  • 3 years of PMO (Project Management Office) running 40+ simultaneous projects
  • 4 years of IT Governance
  • 5 years of Project Governance
  • 6 years of related management consulting in the banking sector
  • 12 years of presenting international training in the technical sector
  • 14 years of senior management across various sectors

1994 – 1997 Ambassador University Big Sandy, TX

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Management Information Systems (MIS) Major and
Business Administration (B.A) Minor

Additional education:

  • Daily research on various crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more)
  • Interface research on various online exchanges (Luno, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Kraken,
    Coinbase and more)
  • Crypto Portfolio Management tools (Excel, Google Sheets, Web-based, Blox, Blockfolio and more)
  • Covey Leadership Center: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Certification
  • The Human Touch & The Rose Personal Development Courses.
  • Designer Life by Bruce Muzik.
  • John Kehoe’s Mind Mastery by Robin Banks.
  • Blue Print for Life by Dr John Demartini.
  • Time to Think by Nancy Kline
  • Cogmotics by Dr Bruce Copley.
  • Leadership weekend by Jim Rohn.
  • Discovery leadership summit.
  • More than 50 books on creating financial freedom.
  • Online studies of the world experts in digital content marketing, packaging and distribution.
  • Personal study: Wealth Creation (2003 to present)
  • Excel Dashboard Course (Advanced) – Myanda Tracey
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE, MCSE2k)*
  • Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet (MCP +I) *
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)*
  • Certified NetWare Administrator (CNA)*
  • Citrix Certified Instructor (CCI)*
  • Various other books and courses
  • Created and implemented an international governance framework for IT Governance.
  • Created a simplified reporting structure, system and templates to track and manage over 40 simultaneous projects.
  • Created visual dashboards with key performance indicators to provide a simplified view of complex projects.
  • Delivered several extraordinary high-pressure, super-complex projects at Barclays.
  • Created a web platform with content reaching over 5,000 hits per month.
  • Created a social media distribution channel with over 27,000 members.
  • Created up-to-date online learning content for social media strategies.
  • Delivered training content to over 10,000 people since 2008.
  • Delivered training to over 1,400 people at Boeing, Microsoft and Chevron in the USA.
  • Guest Speaker at Branson School of Entrepreneurs – 200 students
  • Delivered a workshop for Corporate Social Investment at GIBS
  • Various keynote speaker engagements
  • Travelled to 16 countries ((Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique, United Emirates, United States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China)
  • Always doing what I love.
  • Simplification
  • Visualization
  • Online Marketing
  • Interpersonal alignment
  • Governance establishing and maturance
  • Ability to switch between strategic, tactical and operational thinking.
  • Defining strategy and quantifying objectives
  • Public Speaking to small and large groups
  • On-line learning and Cloud based tools and services
  • Social Media strategies and Blogging Platforms
  • Email and process automation
  • Video and structured/modularised training
  • Classroom and Workshop Training
  • Training and mentoring individuals or groups
  • Creating structure, repeat-ability and predictability
  • Visual reporting and dashboards
  • Clear and precise communication
  • Various other skills

Office of the Group CIO
Life Healthcare Pty. Ltd (2016 – Present)

When Life Healthcare acquired the Alliance Medical Group (UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany), ScanMed (Poland) and Max Healthcare (India), I had to train and hand over the Program Management Office (PMO) to the new incubant. My role evolved from Head of the PMO to the global support role for the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCIO), known as the Office of the Group CIO. Working with the executive team and global CIO’s, responsibilities include establishment of a global IT Governance framework, setup and orchestration of IT Steering Committees across the territories, transitioning of the King III governance framework to King IV, establishing reporting structures and content for all the territories into the Life Healthcare Board, group executives and board appointed sub-committees. Standardized and simplified reporting. Initiated, controlled and reviewed overall reporting quality across the Group. Established and maintained global executive alignment for IT strategy, risk management, governance and compliance. Created ad-hoc presentations and training for related executives and responsible teams. Established and maintained relationships between CIO’s in the various countries.

Head of the PMO
Life Healthcare Pty. Ltd (2013 – 2016)

Working closely with the CIO, established a Program Management Office (PMO) which provides administrative support for strategic development and infrastructure projects. Working with managers and team leads, these projects were implemented in 65 hospitals across South Africa. Established a project governance framework and designed and implemented templates for standardization. Developed and implemented project and operational dashboards to simplify reporting with visual summaries. Created and owned IT reports which were submitted to the Board, the CEO and Board appointed sub-committees. Committees included the quarterly Risk Committee, Audit Committee, Investment Committee and the monthly Executive Management (EM) and Group Executive Committees.

Senior Consultant and Partner
Simbalism (2009 – 2013)

Provided Project Management Office (PMO) services for the End to End Process re-engineering program in ABSA/Barclays. While managing a team of consultants, services included creation of templates and documentation for high-priority innovation projects including: Home loans, Account Opening, Active Capacity Management, Teller Cash Recyclers, Statements and Process Center consolidation. Deliverables included Steering Committee presentation packs, Stakeholder management, ad-hoc documentation, template design, overall PMO information and communication management.

5PM Properties (Pty) Ltd (2007 – 2013)

Created a property company with stock in excess of R100 million in a R500 million pipeline of sales over a 4 week period. Create up and down line direction for agencies across undervalued or undiscovered areas within South Africa. Employ the finest in every aspect of the company from administration, agents and management to setting value based direction. Created systems which actively gave back hard currency and solid values to all involved.

Customer Relationship Manager
Urban Ocean Property Developers (Pty) Ltd. (2004-2007)

Working with the sales team and senior management, managed over R150 million of a R400 million pipeline in sales over four spearheading projects in the Johannesburg Central Business District. Created a tipping point in the perception of the CBD, while internally developing the entire sales cycle from mother bond financing, contractual development, bank finance arrangement via ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Investec, RMBand FNB, agent selection and training, bond origination, valuations, bond approval, registration of property through transferring attorneys et al. Managed, maintained and created processes, procedures and most importantly preventative measures through customer communication channels for over 200 clients. All actions stem from relationship and principle centered interaction. www.urbanocean.co.za

Business Development Manager
2003 – 2004. Sekunjalo Communications (Pty) Ltd, Krugersdorp.

As business development manager, I developed strategic partnerships with several companies in the People’s Republic of China, and some with global footprints in under 2 months. In addition I created new relationships with local companies including Incredible Connection, Oracle & ABSA. My daily tasks involved risk analysis, product selection, sales & marketing coordination and establishing of distribution channels. Under my direction, the  project budget was over R5.2 million for the import of specialized electronic devices. Finally, I also closed off loose ends for previously outstanding projects.

Training Development Specialist
2002 – 2003. TeleComp, Inc. Bellevue, WA, USA

Developed strategic learning partnerships, drove revenue and created contractual documents. I prescribed learning to companies and consulted for learning needs. Under my direction, this small company grew from a dormant company to a technical support provider; a training provider with solutions including e-learning, classroom learning and self paced content. I left this company due to the expiration of my US visa.

E-Learning Consultant
1999 – 2002. Productivity Point International, Inc. Raleigh, NC

As consultant, I helped to develop a first to market e-learning solution for Productivity Point International. This solution currently serves over 7,000 users globally. During all stages of the product development lifecycle, my interaction with the design team was utilized in all aspects of the solution, including propositions for developer tools and end user interaction. Presentations to the executive teams were used for product research, marketing and usability study. Students can sign-up for, evaluate, schedule and participate in live, multi-server e-labs. Technologies ranged from Cisco and Unix, to Microsoft Back Office and Citrix.

Technical Training Consultant
1997 – 1999. Productivity Point International, Inc. Bellevue, WA

As a technical training consultant, I served on the strategic technology team, which researched the market for cutting edge software. Presentations to the executive team included predicted product use, growth and pipeline, as well as projected learning curves and learning paths for internal instructors. Additional functions included pre-learning the software to train future trainers. Technologies accurately predicted were Cisco Certifications, Macromedia Web development tools, the Citrix and Microsoft range of solutions. These solutions were implemented nationally, and delivered on a global scale.

In addition to technology research, I delivered high-pressure rollout training of cutting edge technologies to international clients including Chevron, Boeing and the Microsoft Windows 2000 World Readiness tour. As a subject matter expert, I assisted sales teams in proposing solutions and training sales teams on new technologies.

Network Support Technician
1995 – 1997. Ambassador University ISS, Big Sandy, TX

In this university environment, tasks were bundled with strategic partnerships for hardware and software acquisitions, maintenance and support. In addition to technical support, for DOS, Novell and Microsoft client and servers, I coordinated hardware returns for the campus with IBM, Gateway 2000, Ingram Micro, Allied Telesync, Merisel and Chillisun.

Software and Sales Rep
1994 – 1995. Ambassador University Bookstore, Big Sandy, TX

Contributions increased software sales with over 60% in the first year. Installed a Point of Sale and Inventory system for the office environment. I set up hardware, software, databases and forms, and trained management and clerks. I coordinated software selection and purchasing from Merisel and Ingram Micro.