SourcesPeople often ask where I get my information, what sources I use or which books I recommend. The Secrets to Wealth took more than 7 years to research and I have discovered a common thread between several sources of information. Below is a brief summary of my favourite sources. For your convenience I have also linked them to where you can find out more.

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Audio Books:

  • Do you do it or does it do you, Watts, Alan (2005)
  • Eat that Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done In Less Time, Tracy, Brian (2004)
  • Success Mastery Academy Program, Tracy, Brian (2002)
  • Challenge to Succeed, Rohn, Jim (2002)
  • 2004 Leadership Weekend, Rohn, Jim (2004)
  • How to Use a Journal, Rohn, Jim (2002)
  • Building your Network Marketing Business, Rohn, Jim (2002)
  • Secrets to Financial Success, Demartini, John (2007)
  • The Decisive Moment, Lehrer, Jonah (2010)
  • Personal Power II, Robbins Anthony (2002)
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Kiyosaki, Robert (1997)

Seminars and Courses:

  • Time to Think, Kline, Nancy (2011)
  • Designer Life, Muzic, Bruce (2008)
  • Basic Study Manual, Model of Admin Know How, Ethics for Business Success, Formulas for Business Success, Management by Statistics, Hubbard, L. Ron, (2009)
  • The Financial Freedom Seminar, Smith, Linda (2008)
  • The Point & True Point, Experiential Seminars, Norval, Stephen (2004)
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey, Steven (1996)
  • Mind Power Seminar, Kehoe, John, Banks, Robin (2007)
  • Cogmotics, Dr. Bruce Copely (2005)

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Disclaimer: With duplicate knowledge being all around, I have taken inspiration from a number of sources – books, audio books, seminars, courses and online content. The Information in Secrets to Wealth is a loosely gathered collection of interrelated ideas, not a set of academic references. Please note that I have often read the older versions, but have added links to the latest versions on

If you have any additional recommendations please do leave a comment below.



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Books are the condensed experience(s) of others. You can learn quickly what they took a long time to learn.


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Books, Audio books and seminars are very good ways to add more value to yourself.


  1. Blue Petal♥ September 18, 2012 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    The Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfiel and D.D. Watkins. Also Awaken the Financial Genius in You by Tony Rutakirwa

    • Christo van Zyl October 10, 2012 at 12:21 pm - Reply

      Thanks Blue!! I have done the Law of Attraction (book and video) and will go find “Awaken the Financial Genius in You”. I have also read a few others and have added them here with links. Thanks again for your contribution! Much appreciated! Best regards, Christo

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