ppl wu wrt lik disHey you! Yes you wu wrt lik dis… You can just skip straight to point number 1. We see it all the time: People who write with a shorthand-mobile-only type of language that is difficult to read but even worse to understand. This is a short helpful post to help you see what is actually happening while you are making an attempt to communicate. Dnt wrry.. I wll also hlp u 2 fix dis prblm. So here it is:

The Top 10 Reasons y ppl shldnt wrt lik dis:

10.  You are seriously assisting your brain to get dumber. (im nt gng 2 expln y)
9.    This is the reason you cannot get a job. (Ppl cnt reed yr CV, dnt aply)
8.    If you slipped through the cracks, this is the reason you will not get a promotion.
7.    No one can understand you. (Bcus dey cnnt rd wht u wrtin)
6.    Even fewer want to understand you. (It s 2 mch effrt)
5.    Good communication is required for building wealth. (u mst spk prprly)
4.    Very few people can write their name without using vowels (a,e,i,o,u)
3.    You are better than this. (U r bttr dan dis)
2.    It is actually harder to type. (ato crrct wnts 2 crrct 4 u)
1.    It is mybe pssible dat ppl coud tnk u r n idiot. (u wnt 2 tri 2 avoid dis)

But I’m not here to chew you out, so here is what you can DO to fix this habit:

a) Stop it!
b) Write using all the keys on your phone, keypad or keyboard – yes, even the vowels.
c) Unless you are doing math, avoid using the numbers (Especially 2, 4 and 8)
d) Well done!

I trust you will take this in good spirit. I actually do give a damn. You can join the Secrets to Wealth on Facebook to learn even more simple truths. Thk u 4 readng ds. 😉 Now you can move on to Tips for Better Communication

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net