The Value of Adding Value

Adding ValueAs the infamous Jim Rohn used to say: “You don’t get paid for having a job. You get paid for the value you are adding at your job.” If you got paid just for having a job, all you would have to do was to show up. But that is certainly not the case, and definitely not sustainable… I don’t know anyone or any industry who loves to pay people just for showing up. You have to be adding value. You have to be bringing something of value to the transaction. You have to contribute something in exchange for money. As the author Brian Tracy says, the value (or benefit) of adding value is that you make things better, faster or cheaper. Are you adding value? Are you making your product, service or job better, faster or cheaper? If you are then these contributions can translate into monetary value…

Let’s say you are a baker. On a daily basis you produce bread. Your competition is also a baker, and they also bake bread. How can you add more value? You could offer free delivery. You could offer more personalized service. You could have a no questions asked return policy. You could offer a guarantee that your bread is always baked with only the freshest ingredients and never more than 24 hours old. Whatever you offer, you must be adding more value than your competition. That is why people should be coming to you instead of your competition – because the same product has more value if purchased from you. But adding value is not just limited to your product or service – you can also add value to yourself…

By adding value to yourself, you make yourself better, or more valuable. If you are more valuable, you can earn a higher fee for your services. How do you make yourself more valuable? There are a couple of ways, you can:
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Learn more about your job
  • Learn more about your industry
  • Learn more specialized skills (See 50 skills that attract success)
  • Learn from the experience of others
Adding ValueCan you see that money does not just come from offering a product or a service, it comes from the additional value you provide for your particular personality, product or service offering. In essence, if you want to make more money – or earn more, you have to learn more. When you learn more, you know more, and can thus accelerate the rate at which you produce or add value. You make more money because you are adding value.

In addition to adding value to yourself, your product, your service or your job, you can also improve your life by adding value to others

The people around you can help you with your life. They may be employees, family members or people from your particular community. Remember that they have their own set of troubles too. For some it is transportation; for others  it is planning and yet for others the lack of a particular required skill. When you help others with their lives you are adding value to their lives. This translates into better people, which results in better working conditions, improved productivity, increased efficiency and a general higher morale. In short, when you help people with their lives they not only feel better, they do better, which in return is also better for you.

The bottom line remains: You make more money and experience a better overall quality of life if you are adding value. Whether it be to yourself, your product(s), services, your work environment or they people you interact with. You always create a better world when you are adding value. What do you think?


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You get paid for the value you contribute at your job.


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