Wealth is not accidental. It is intentional.

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Let’s be clear. Creating wealth is not accidental. It’s not like winning the lottery. There is very little – if any – luck involved. Creating wealth is intentional. It is the result of doing specific things in a specific way. The following 11 elements of wealth will help you to create wealth (more than enough time, health, people and money) in your life – intentionally:


  1. You have to make the right choices.
  2. You have to be specific and take consistent action.
  3. You have to understand the way that your mind works so that you can prescribe better thoughts, make better choices, take better actions and communicate with an enhanced approach to your mind.
  4. You have to understand your contribution and your responsibility in creating an exciting environment for you from which to operate from.
  5. You have to communicate in a specific way and filter what communication you allow in.
  6. You have to know what is important to you and why by identifying, understanding and prioritising your values.
  7. You have to believe that your intentions, choices, actions and communication will achieve results.
  8. You have to zealously manage your time.
  9. You have to be aware and in relationship with your mental, physical and spiritual health.
  10. You have to foster the right relationships with the right people in your life by the application of the right values and communication.
  11. And, you have to manage your money in such a way that it can grow and work for you.

The above points are all specific components of wealth creation that individually can make a tremendous impact on your life. In addition, when you combine the application of these 11 elements you can make a profound impact on your life.

If this seems like a lot – don’t worry. The articles in this website will give you bite-size concepts of how to create wealth which you can test and apply in your everyday life. The elements (or secrets) of wealth are both easy to learn and apply. You just have to make the choice to learn more, and, then take the action to start the process. Read a little every day, and you will find that little by little your life starts to make sense, and progress follows! Start learning about life, and you will improve your financial situation. The chance of you becoming wealthy is certainly not accidental. It is intentional.

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There are 11 elements in the wealth matrix. Each of them are important to understand