The Wealth MatrixCongratulations! If you have come this far you are well on your way to creating wealth for yourself. In order to better understand wealth creation, the following “shortcuts” will help you to see the full picture. The Secrets to Wealth are all contained in the Wealth Matrix, which contains the core elements (or components) you will use in order to improve your life. Each element in the wealth matrix is placed in its particular position for a specific reason.

There are a few basic rules regarding the placement of the elements within the Wealth Matrix. Knowing these will help you get a head start to understand the interaction and relationships between all the elements. These Wealth Matrix Tricks will help you understand the holistic value of wealth.

The first four elements (above YOU) are things that you think about – choices, beliefs and values. These thoughts all take place in the mind, which is the first element. Everything begins in the mind. All the results of wealth are based on our thoughts, beliefs, values and the choices we make. Change what you think about, and you will affect what comes about. Your new thoughts will create your new life.

The elements on either side of YOU are things that you can DO. You can take action or you can choose to communicate and receive or filter communication from yourself, other people or other sources such as radio and television. Both action and communication have a substantial effect on the speed at which you create wealth and they are therefore placed on either side of YOU.

YOU is in the middle. This course is all about YOU, and you need to know that you are the centre of all your solutions. If you want to change your life, you have to change yourself.

The Wealth elements of People, Time, Health and Money are grouped together at the bottom of the Wealth Matrix. Having spare time, great relationships, fantastic health and extra money are all – just like money – results of the application of the elements in the Wealth Matrix above them.

Money is not on top. It is at the bottom. Money is the last subject to be covered in The Wealth Matrix because it is a result of the elements above it. Money is a result of existence and not a reason for existence. If you live only for money you may become rich, but you will not be wealthy. Let’s be clear: I’m not saying that being rich is a bad thing, in fact, being rich is a financial privilege that we all strive for. You have to have money to be wealthy, but money is just a tool that the wealthy use. Because it will make more sense if you understand the preceding principles first, money is placed last in the wealth matrix and is therefore also the final concept you will master in this course.

Changing or improving any of the wealth elements affects ALL the other elements. For example: If you choose to make better choices, you will take different actions, which will affect what you believe in and re-organise what you value. You can make choices about people, about the use of your time or use of your money etc. The Wealth Matrix creates a continuous loop of improvement. Improve any element and you automatically improve them all. If you work on only one element of the wealth matrix that fascinates you, you will gain momentum towards becoming wealthy. Becoming aware of all of the elements will substantially accelerate your ability to become wealthy.

This course Secrets to Wealth has been compiled in such a way that each topic (or wealth matrix element) is a stand-alone. This means that you can immediately go to the topic that most interests you. However, the topics have been organised to follow a logical progression of knowledge. It is therefore strongly recommended that you start from the beginning as several of the topics refer to knowledge gained in an earlier topic.