Why Beliefs Are Important in Creating Wealth


What you believe affects what you think, see, say and do. In 2004 I had to return to South Africa after spending almost 10 years in America.  This was the exact time when the dreaded SARS or ‘bird flu’ virus took hold.  The radio, newspapers and television all focussed on the spread of this ’deadly disease’.  If I was to return I would have to fly home but, more importantly, via Hong Kong.  As China was identified as the source of the virus, I had to make a choice whether I would take the risk of exposing myself to this threat.” After doing some research on the internet I discovered that the virus had affected people who were 70 years or older, and that the virus spread only if one of those infected people sneezed directly into your eyes.  After questioning how many 75 year old people had sneezed directly into my eyes in my lifetime, I decided that the ‘dreaded’ SARS virus was of limited if any risk to me and accordingly booked my ticket.  At Vancouver airport the impact of media reports were visible as the airport was far less busy than usual.  On the airplane, I discovered something amazing: All fifteen of the passengers and the eighteen crew (this on a Boeing capable of carrying more than 300 people) wore face masks covering their mouths and noses.  Little was said and you could hardly hear the muffled words of the attendants asking whether you wanted ‘chicken or beef’ for your in-flight meal.  I found this fascinating because 1) the disease didn’t spread via your mouth or nose, but through your eyes.  In order to protect themselves they should have been wearing goggles or reading glasses and 2) there was not a single person over the age of 50 on that plane.  Yet, everyone was driven by the belief that they could be next.  At mealtimes I had an even bigger laugh as everyone had to remove their masks to eat!  The masks were of no use whatsoever.  At Hong Kong airport the true power of this belief was driven home.  No more than 30 people were wandering around one of the world’s largest and busiest airports.  Shops were open but all the attendants wore masks and spoke very little.  I could not believe how so many people could be duped.

 Why Beliefs are important in Creating Wealth

From this story we learn that beliefs can be so powerful that they literally affect what we think, what we say and what we do. Furthermore, they can collectively affect hundreds of thousands of people.

A belief is something that we accept as a truth without questioning it.  Beliefs are limiting assumptions we apply to our lives because we lack the knowledge or experience to question whether something is actually true or not.

Beliefs are extremely important in wealth creation because they dictate the outcome of your search for wealth.  If you believe that ‘I can become wealthy’ – you are right.  If you believe that ‘I cannot become wealthy’.  – you are also right.  Beliefs can either help or hinder you from taking action because whatever you believe will always be true for you. Your beliefs must therefore be questioned, dissected and replaced with empowering beliefs in order for you to succeed.

We are guided by our beliefs because they are the fundamental decision making mechanisms that help us make choices, take action, communicate or form values within our lives. “I believe I am never going to be successful,” someone will say.  The fact that they are saying they will never be successful is the reason why they are not successful.  This statement is the unconscious expression of their current limiting belief.  The communication of this limiting belief is the reason why they aren’t successful.  You must listen to yourself carefully when you speak and question the way that you express your thoughts, specifically focussing on negative comments.  Even better, think before you speak.  Choose your words carefully and always try to phrase what you say in a positive way.

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If you believe it, you can achieve it. If you cannot believe it, you cannot achieve it.


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You have to change what you believe in order to become wealthy.



  1. Blue Petal♥ September 18, 2012 at 6:56 am - Reply

    The man that believes that the glass is half full is just as right as the man who believes that it is half empty. In other words, you can choose to be an optimist or a pessimist.

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