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Here is the bad news: I cannot help you. But here is the good news: You can help yourself! Consider the following: I can write but you have to read. I can teach, but you have to learn. I can speak but you have to listen. I can present options but you have to choose. I can show you what to do but I cannot do it for you.

The most important lesson you can learn about creating wealth in your life is that you are the author of your destiny, you are the creator of your success and the one who experiences wealth or lack thereof… Because life is the result of your choices; your actions; your thoughts; your beliefs; your values and the way you communicate.

What you say and to whom you say it has a direct impact on your results. What you think, how often you think it and how quickly, accurately or capably you respond to those thoughts makes the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary life. This is so important that the entire wealth matrix consists of things that you are in control of, which is why you are at the centre. It really is all about YOU!

If you are not in control of your life someone else is, and you are probably doing what they are asking or telling you to do. If you haven’t planned what you would like to do with your life, you are part of someone else’s plan. The clear path to wealth is that you are the one who chooses the direction and speed of your life.

Some may ask: “So how do I take ownership of my life immediately?” You can say out loud: “I am taking control of my life, right now.” Those “words” are actually just a thought which, when spoken, becomes a choice and, because it is spoken becomes an action which makes it real, true and relevant to you, right now.

Remember, this doesn’t mean your life has immediately changed and you are wealthy, but, it does mean that starting right now you have made the conscious choice to create a better life for yourself. This means the process of creating wealth for yourself has just begun.

There are many more topics about you that will be added here in the additional reading section over time. For now, I recommend you leave a comment below, in support of your choice to take charge of your life. When you write it, you see it. When you see what you write you can see what you think. Writing down your choice shows you what you choose and what you commit to do with your life.

I promise I will write more articles to help you to discover yourself. Check back often or subscribe with your email in the latest articles. In the next section you will learn about how beliefs will affect what you will do.

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