Moola. Dollars. Geld. Finance. All of the categories in one way or another directly affects your money. It is time to look at their influence, as well as better understand the working and flow of money. This section should always be used last (after all the other categories)

The ultimate list of quotes about Wealth

Wealth has so many components and can be a seen as a complex subject. However, a quote can summarize a very complex concept in just a few words. This is a growing list of quotes about wealth which have been hand-selected to be positive, empowering and helpful.

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3 Rules to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Imagine you allowed a thief into your house. You gave them a key and free access to everything. You also show them where the valuables are and give them the chains to lock you up. How long do you think it will take before you will live in an empty house? Not very long. If you don’t know how credit cards work, they can become the thieves in your wallet. You give them full access to all your accounts – the capital, the interest and the savings - and they will steal your financial progress. But this doesn't have to be the case. Are you currently concerned about your credit card debt? Do you feel like you are drowning in credit card debt? This lesson will assist you to take back control; to send that thief on his way; to unlock the chains and to eliminate credit card debt forever.

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101 Top questions everyone should ask

So you want to become wealthy - yes? A key secret is to understand that almost everything in your life - especially if you want to create wealth - is about making choices. About making good choices. About making more choices. About making better choices. You make better choices when you ask better questions, and then realizing that the answer, no matter which way, is a choice - your choice. And the reason(s) - the why - can be your choice also. To demonstrate this I have prepared a list of the 101 top questions everyone should ask - and answer - about creating wealth. You should ask them. You should answer them. They will help you to forge a better, wealthy lifestyle.

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7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Many things can happen with your money: You can spend it; save it, invest it or speculate with it. You can gamble with it. You can lose it. You can also give it away, and/or make it grow… But is there any kind of order to this and what does it really take to achieve financial freedom? Are there really only 7 steps to financial freedom?

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