Wealth is having adequate time, fantastic relationships, excellent health and more than enough money. It is not money. Take any one of the other three ingredients away and it will definitely affect your money.

20 Reasons why you should also walk the 800km Camino Frances

My wife and I love to travel. We have visited Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Morocco and Vietnam to name just a few. Everywhere we go we have always asked people: "What is your favorite place?'" They would tell us, and we would add it to our list. One day we changed the question to "What has been your favorite experience of all time?" "The Camino" came up so many times that we had to discover it for ourselves. In June 2019 we did just that - and were blown away with the experience. Here are 20 reasons why you should also walk the 800km Camino Frances.

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The ultimate list of quotes about Wealth

Wealth has so many components and can be a seen as a complex subject. However, a quote can summarize a very complex concept in just a few words. This is a growing list of quotes about wealth which have been hand-selected to be positive, empowering and helpful.

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101 Top questions everyone should ask

So you want to become wealthy - yes? A key secret is to understand that almost everything in your life - especially if you want to create wealth - is about making choices. About making good choices. About making more choices. About making better choices. You make better choices when you ask better questions, and then realizing that the answer, no matter which way, is a choice - your choice. And the reason(s) - the why - can be your choice also. To demonstrate this I have prepared a list of the 101 top questions everyone should ask - and answer - about creating wealth. You should ask them. You should answer them. They will help you to forge a better, wealthy lifestyle.

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Your garden – Your Wealth Coach

Do you need a wealth coach? Can you benefit from a free wealth coach? Is it possible that your garden be your wealth coach?! In my studies of wealth I was surprised at how many millionaires maintain their own gardens. They mow the lawn, trim the hedges, plant flowers and remove weeds. Why - I thought, would someone who has so much money not just pay for someone to do their own garden? So I tried it out for myself. Since 2010 I have been mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, planting flowers and removing those pesky little weeds. As it turns out, I discovered not only why they do it, but I also discovered some more of the secrets to wealth. Gardening coaches you about time, value, value for money, the time-value of money, people, health, money and wealth! All this from a garden? You bet! Here's what I learned:

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