Wealth is having adequate time, fantastic relationships, excellent health and more than enough money. It is not money. Take any one of the other three ingredients away and it will definitely affect your money.

The Magic of Morocco

My wife and I love to travel. In our most recent trip to Morocco we discovered an abundance of culture, incredible food, amazing people, plenty of shopping and a range of travel scenery to amaze travelers of all kinds. There is magic everywhere - not of the siem sala biem type, but rather embedded in the variety of cultural and culinary experiences... To some the though of travelling abroad can be daunting, but to us the whole experience is magical. From the planning to the anticipation of the travel we can barely contain our excitement...

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The Definition of Wealth

Many people think being wealthy is being rich. I discovered that is extremely inaccurate. Being rich is being rich. Rich people have money. Wealthy people have a lot more than money. Their lives are far more satisfying than merely possessing dollars in a bank account. What took me more [...]

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Wealth is not accidential. It is intentional.

Let's be clear. Creating wealth is not accidental. It's not like winning the lottery. There is very little - if any - luck involved. Creating wealth is intentional. It is the result of doing specific things in a specific way. The following 11 elements of wealth will help you to create wealth (more than enough time, health, people and money) in your life - intentionally: ...

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