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Managing your Money


You little rascal you… Your skipped straight to the money! Remember that money is the RESULT of what you have done, and not the reason to do something. If you did skip straight here, you need to go back and start at creating wealth. Trust me, it’s worth it to create wealth.

Getting money is the RESULT of:

  • Making good choices, and taking the responsibility for them.
  • Taking consistent action, and doing what is required, as long as required.
  • Understanding your beliefs, and why they may have been holding you back.
  • Understanding your values, and knowing what is important to you.
  • Understanding yourself, and why you are responsible, and unique.
  • Understanding your mind and how it works, and changing it to serve you.
  • Understanding how to regulate communication.
  • Managing you time, and getting the most out of it.
  • Managing your health to the best of your ability.
  • Managing your relationships with people.
  • AND managing your money correctly.

Until you have learnt the secrets of those elements, your financial situation will likely stay the same, no matter what you do.

If you have done what is required – and have learnt as much about the elements of wealth as you possibly could – then, and usually only then will you be able to change your financial status. The reason is that they ALL affect (or influence) your money.

This money section will become comprehensive in terms of tips, tools and approaches which you will have to employ.

Thank you for your effort in becoming financially free! I look forward to hear from you about your progress!

Additional Reading on Money:

Next Steps:

  • Continually apply what you have learnt here.
  • Never stop making improvements.
  • Let me know about your progress.




Is the RESULT of applying the principles of wealth.




Flows towards order, and flees from chaos!

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