Online courses are one of the easiest ways to improve your value. The more you learn the better you perform and are thus able to earn. I am currently working on a few online courses to assist you to learn as much as possible.

As an entrepreneur, someone who is self-employed or just someone who wishes to create a platform for a new product or idea, having a Facebook Business page is a key place to start. You get increased traffic, exposure, a place to get to know your target market as well as a place to test your product or idea.

When I created the Secrets to Wealth Facebook page, I used online courses to discover how to grow the page to now more than 27,000 people! As a result, many people have asked me: “How did you do it?” I had to answer the question so many times that I decided to create an online course for you. In just a few hours you will know what took me more than 6 months to learn!

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Facebook Marketing: How I gained 18,437 followers on Facebook (Since we are up to 27,000 now, you get it for half-price!)

In July 2018, I finished creating “The Secrets to Wealth” online course so that you can learn what took me more than 10 years to learn in less than 4 hours. I have given a very special discounts to everyone who took my Facebook Marketing course. Thank you for your support!

I trust that you will improve yourself by learning as much as possible, make yourself more valuable, and thus earn more!

Happy learning! (New tools and courses added – July 2018)


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I have personally taken or use(d) these courses and products and recommend them with the highest certainty!


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..are one of the fastest ways to become MORE VALUABLE. The higher your VALUE, the higher your EARNING ability. These courses take a few days to a few hours, but can save you YEARS if you choose to become wealthy.

Secrets to Wealth

The Secrets to Wealth Course on Udemy. Learn all the Secrets to Wealth which took me more than 10 years to research. This course will take you through each element step by step. With over 4 hours of secrets, it is jam packed with tips, tools, secrets and videos from all over the world. Isn’t it time you learn how to create financial freedom for yourself? ($155) $75

How I gained 18,437 followers on Facebook. This was how I did it. Step for step. As you get it from me directly – you get it at half the price! Enjoy! By the way, we are inching up to 27,000 people now – it still works! ($30) $15

Power BI

Power BI for Excel Users. Mynda Treacy is literally one of the worlds best Excel trainers! Now you can up your skills to include stunning, interactive, visual dashboards using Microsoft Power BI. Perfect for professionals who want to be ready for where the world is going. Online. Visual. Powerful. Interactive. ($169 and up)

Power BI

Microsoft Excel Dashboards. Mynda Treacy is literally one of the worlds best Excel trainers! This course is a must have if you work with a lot of data and need a simple, visual and interactive summary. It is they way the world will go. Be prepared. Be ahead. (From $199)

Power BI is an amazing website builder. It is one of the best looking, easiest to understand, simplest to use website builders out there. There are no technical skills required and anyone can set up a stunning website in minutes. Create your logo, capture emails, add contact info and set up your product or service to showcase your work. With this tool, there literally is no excuse not to have your own online presence. (From Free to $8p/m)

Power BI

Backblaze Online Backup. Although this is not a course, it is a resource I recommend. Backblaze installs an app on your device, figures out what to back-up, and then does it for you. It cannot be simpler, or more affordable (From $6 per month)