/Wealth 101 – GIBS

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) is renowned for its MBA programs. As part of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Program they wanted to create a sustainable change in the schooling environment. For this particular project they approached me to assist the teachers of the Alexandria Primary School in Lenasia. Although the principles were centered around money, the tools can be used to improve communication, relationships and productivity. Take a look at the video. Watch particularly how the level of engagement increases throughout the workshop, as well as the testimonial at the end. If you would like me to assist you with a similar program, please book a consulting session with me. [Details to follow]

The Gordon Institute of Business Science – as part of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program for a group of 20 Alexandria Primary School teachers.

Assist the teachers to become more aware of their ability to create wealth.

3-hour Wealth 101 workshop.

Dramatic change in approach and attitude towards others, their use of time and management of money. Please watch the video for change in interactivity of the group, as well as the final minute for the testimonials.


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